Indian education system is quite different from that of the foreign nations. Thecurriculum in the western countries is known to be quite light and based on practical knowledge whereas in India the focus is on theoretical knowledge and acquiring marksby hook or by crook. Students are expected to mug up chapter after chapter and fetch


Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

An average person ranks the concern of speech beyond the fear of death. The reality is, this worry might pain your professional and private life. Unless you’re a gregarious extrovert, you might feel nervous, your palms sweat, and your abdomen ties itself into knots before talking to a bunch or getting up before of the


Dreams of millions and destinations of billions have been achieved only through one window called English. No matter what was the position of the English and English centuries ago; but now it is not only a call, but also a demand for every individual’s up-skilling. One can be a man- healthy, wealthy and wise; but


Improvising Communication Post Learning

Teaching for a handful number years enabled me to quote some of the noble thoughts for the betterment of the new learners. Many a times, my students keep asking how to maintain the flair of English communication, after we have learnt the language in a modest sized batch for over half a year period. To


Clutch of the Culture

Regional languages play a very crucial role in maintaining harmony and integrity in society. As, the time passes and the modernization or the fake influence of other cultures immerses. The importance of a local tongue begins to fade away and we turn towards adopting entirely different languages for the sake of looking contemporary. So, time


Why English At Oxbridge

You should learn English at Oxbridge because it enables you to expand the boundaries of your world. This gives you an opportunity to learn with more and more intellectual people from across the country and allows you to do more useful things in your life. English is the language of the world and you want


Books and Wines

The beginning of human life was meaningless and void but their search for rhymes and reasons in every existence started adding meaning to the same meaninglessness. Those meanings, that were added, were also inscribed and engraved upon numerous things. Some upon stones, some upon metal plates, some upon polished skins and some upon different types


A Day Without Internet

A question always arises in my mind that- “How would be our life without the access of internet?” Perhaps, it is too difficult to survive in this advanced era. Every morning we leave our bed and start looking for our most loving gizmo to check the freshest notifications delivered to this latest version gadget through


Educational Renaissance

March was aging towards its end. The financial and academic year was tending to prepare the appraisal of the yearlong journey as well. Students were all set to advance for a new and more productive session towards their aspirations. But … Hold! Hold on! A deterrent strikes. “Nationwide Lockdown” in the wake of COVID attack. The life,