OUR STORY - English Communication Classes in Gaya

The program of Oxbridge is like a companion, mentoring young men and women for shaping their employability skills and helping them succeed in their respective careers. Oxbridge Communication Centre is one of the best English Communication Classes in Gaya.


1. To empower the youth in acquiring the right Soft Skills, particularly in the corporate world.
2. It helps one to stand out in a crowd of routine job seekers with mediocre skills and talents.
3. The course delivery is simple and lucid.
4. The group focuses on Effective communication, Group discussion, interview skills, and personality grooming.



Creating professionals with effective talent in business communication.

Benchmarking communication standards of an individual with current trends and global standards. Adding communication advantage to the professional profile of an individual to meet personal and business requirements.


We aim to empower one and all in India with the right set of skills and the right attitude toward global communication.

With a focus to maximize the potential of individuals.

salient features


- 25 years of experience in imparting Spoken English.
- Well-equipped Audio- Visual Class
- Theory / conversation methods of learning.
- Extra-care classes on weekends
- Personality development programme
- Career-counselling & suggestion for employment.
- Extra-curricular activities like quiz, drama, debate etc.


Oxbridge believes in creating language learning, a lifelong experience. We mentor our students under proven methodologies to make every individual proactive in the field of verbal and written communication. 

Our courses are the culmination of the best language training practices, case studies with real-life examples, and the pursuit of taming the global communication standards. The training modules include group discussion, debate, seminars, theory, quiz competitions, elocution, article writing and other variety of verbal and written communication are parts of it. 

Each course is flexibly defined to suit every aspirant who wants to specialize in the enhancement of the mode of communication. Each course comes with extensive courseware that helps students to self-learn and enhances their knowledge and acquire the domain of expertise in the field of communication management. Oxbridge Communication Centre is a renowned English Communication Classes in Gaya with highly experienced faculty.