OXBRIDGE is an umbrella under which one can teach English to students of any age, whose first language is not English. OXBRIDGE intends to teach students who will be using English instead of their native language after moving to an English- speaking environment. It may be possible to become an OXBRIDGE teacher without a specific degree, though we typically look for Postgraduates who have approved Convent qualifications. A degree in language, linguistics, education, or English will be particularly helpful in applications. To teach in Soft skills training institutions, it is necessary to have prior exposure to this industry in addition to a relevant qualification, and often at least two years’ general classroom experience. Relevant work experience gained as a private tutor, language assistant or summer language school tutor can be helpful.

Through this institution, you will connect with an amazing community of teachers and to a vast quantity of excellent materials and resources. Your blog on our website may be visited by thousands of new people, which will lead you to working on a very interesting new project.

Our classes demonstrate the incredible online teaching experience, break all cultural and geographical barriers, and offer endless possibilities to both teachers and students alike.

You would look for new and interesting ways to teach, using materials based on authentic videos, news articles, case studies and real-life situations. You will be passionate about using technology to facilitate learning and will encourage your students to use a variety of learning tools.

  • Planning, preparing and delivering lessons.
  • Preparing teaching materials
  • Helping students to improve their Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills via individual and group sessions.
  • Checking and assessing students’ work
  • Organising and running specialist course 
  • Attending official trainings & meetings
  • Excellent spoken and written language skills in English
  • Clear diction
  • Sound Vocabulary
  • Command of Functional Grammar
  • Patience & Lateral thinking 
  • Confidence of handling a group.