It is for Beginners- School & college students, and the course is designed to build confidence, remove hesitation and enable students to express themselves comfortably in public. We expertise in Spoken Activities of kind which assures the complete transformation of an average student into a well-skilled, well-equipped individual. Our training also includes career guidance, career counseling, and on-demand mentoring for the lifetime, at any stage of study or career

Benefits of Level-1 Training Programme

1. Get Trained by experts and transform into a fluent english speaker.
2. Get Oxbridge Certificate for Training
3. Get Enduring assistance on career guidance & mentoring from Oxbridge


Modals Tense / Verb | Important verb patterns | Adjectives / Adverbs | Common correction | Subject-verb agreement | Interrogative pronouns (Wh’ words) | Noun/pronoun at a glance | Narration | Articles | Prepositions | Conditionals | Conjunctions | Letter, Essay


Audio session (debate, SC, GD.) | Situational conversation | Imaginary incidents | Conditional spoken | Interview on bio-data | Reporting | Anchoring a show | Tense topics | Group discussion | Debate | Mock interview | Extempore | Colloquial phrases

Word Power

Verb list | Comparisons | Idioms & phrases | Appropriate adjectives | One-word substitution | Collective nouns | Appropriate verbs | Core vocabulary | Proverbs | Foreign expressions | Know me | Slangs/ informal words | Synonyms


This course has been formulated in addition to the “Intermediate English Course” running at Oxbridge. This course is designed to provide improved and more advanced English along with a greater emphasis on different modes of speaking. This is an exciting course for every learner because it takes students into a new world of different skills-of language, audio-visual lab, and other personality development programs for their overall development.


Participative lecture mode, Interactive learning style, Role-play and practice Individual analysis, feedback and correction, Demonstrative and practical orientation, Audio-Video reading, writing and speech sessions

Lecture: 35 minutes

Employability Skills | Business Ethics & Etiquette | Electronic Communication & Internet | Delivery Techniques | Presentation Skills | Body Language | Personality Development | Building Words

Benefits of ACC Training program

1. Enhance Professional Communication Skills
2. Enhance Professional Presentation Skills
3. Enhance Professional Etiquettes to create the right Impression.
4. Learn Time Management
5. Learn to negotiate.
6. Enhance your email communication skills.
7. Learn to work and perform in a Team
8. Interview techniques
9. Personality Development

Assignment: 15 minutes

Do’s & Don’ts of Body Language | Resume Writing | Business Card/ Invitation Writing | Blog/ Punchline Writing | Notes on Internal Personality | Vocabulary from Editorials | Editorials/ Cover Story from the Newspaper | Model Answers on FAQ’s | Do’s & Don’ts of GD | GD Topic from Book | Preparation for Presentation | Preparation for Panel Discussion | Writing Occasional Speech

Learn to communicate effectively and climb the ladder of success with poise and confidence. The importance of communication is in getting the meaning across. You may mean what you say but you may not be understood correctly. Research shows that 74% of our working hours are spent on communication, but how effective are we? Our public speaking course enables individuals in expressing their ideas in a more accurate and convincing manner. Develop refinement.

Activity: 40 minutes

Building a Resume | Interview Techniques | Group Discussion Basics | Debates | Occasional Speeches | Pictorial Comprehension | Additional Activities | Rapid Fire Extempore | Common Dialogues | Case Studies | Telephonic Conversation Email/ Blog Writing | Analytical/ Critical Reading | PPT Presentation | PDP Games | Personal Questionnaires of Interview | Mock Interview | Model GD | Individual/ Panel Discussion | Welcome Speech/Vote of Thanks | Pictorial Lessons | Brainstorming/ Role Play/ Editorials | JAM/ Chain Story/Anchoring/Talk Shows

Useful Information

Duration of course: 3 Months
Duration of class: 90 Min.
Daily Class to be held: 6 Days a week
Every Saturday FREE Experts’ session


This course of CEC Training is for general competition, aspiring to work in Banks/Corporate/MNC/PSU, etc. This is a comprehensive approach to “English Language & Verbal Ability” for all kinds of competitive exams like – Banking, Staff Selection, Defence Services, Language Exams, MBA Entrance, Law Admissions, Life Insurance & Hospitality Industry. As soon as a career starts, it’s extremely important to keep your learning curve high, keep yourself open to challenges, keep yourself motivated for opportunities and responsibilities and most importantly “Learn to create and project Right Self Image “ to your colleagues and seniors. Your behavior & decisions at the initial level define your career ahead. It is the most crucial time to work on your competitive skills. How good you are at it will decide how good your career is going to be.

Benefits of ACC Training program

1. Enhance Vocabulary Skills to attempt high-frequency word-based questions
2. Enhance writing Skills for Descriptive paper in graduate based exams.
3. Learn to create tricks and shortcuts to attempt reading skill-based questions
4. Learn to manage time during the exam
5. Enhance your skills to attempt critical grammar-based questions
6. Mock Test based practices

Reading Skills Lectures & Practice

Reading Comprehension | Sentence Arrangements | Missing Line | Spell Test | Cloze Test | Double Filler | Appropriate Filler


1. Most extensive course coverage-Grammar & Composition
2. Regular practice on Newspaper Editorials & Vocabularies.
3. Weekly Current Affairs notes
4. Special attention on Descriptive English
5. Latest pattern Mock Tests & Discussion
6. Guided by highly experienced faculties & working professionals


Noun | Pronoun |Verb & Tenses | Finite & Non- Finite | Adjectives | Adverbs | Conjunctions | Prepositions |Articles | Syntax | Voice | Narration |Superfluous


Synonyms | Antonyms | Idioms & Phrases |One Word Substitution |Foreign Words | Newspaper Vocabulary |Mis-spelt/Confusing Words

Writing Skills Lectures

Paragraph Writing | Letter Writing | Precis Writing | Report Writing | Viewpoint Writing

Useful Information

Duration of course: 5 Months
Duration of class: 90 Min.
Daily Class to be held: 5 Days a week
Every Saturday “Mock Test Series” with discussion GA/ Banking Classes FREE